[on the politics of space & cultural interventions]

KONESH /kɒn(ə)ʃ/ (speak: Konesh): act, activism in Farsi


Konesh Space is a migrating platform for critical and creative spatial practices. We bring artists, activists, architects, cultural practitioners, scholars, policy makers and scientists together to challenge more traditional understandings of space, cities and our contemporary urban condition.


Beyond merely reflecting of what diverse definitions of space could look like, we aim at proposing different ways of engaging with cities and spatial practices in general. In this sense, we push for a dialogue between a diversity of thinkers and practitioners, coming from different disciplines and places, thus puzzling naturalised geographical borders and disciplinary thresholds. We try to blur boundaries between digital and analogue conditions of space.


Konesh publishes interdisciplinary content in the Konesh journal. We also curate cultural interventions as site-specific events in different cities, which are livestreamed on our social media channels, engaging a global audience.


If you want to publish with us, please check our current Open Call and our editorial guidelines. You can also join us as a member in our editorial team. Please get in touch with us by email, adding your CV and a letter of interest. For other ideas for collaboration or questions and enquiries, please contact us at info@konesh.spaceRead about how to submit here

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> Konesh Team

Founding Editor

Saba Zavarei

Artist, writer and PhD candidate at Goldsmiths, University of London

Stretched between London and Tehran, Saba's work explores the sociopolitical structure of the space in relation to the performances of the everyday life, gender norms, transgressive acts and protest. She works across different mediums of live art, video, text and photo and her work is often participatory, socially engaged and interactive. 

Saba is also the web designer and web developer for Konesh. 


Founding Editor

Vanessa Lehmann

Researcher and PhD candidate at Goldsmiths, University of London

Working across the fields of politics, media studies and spatial analysis, Vanessa is interested in blurring boundaries and switching scales between cities, subjects and objects. She is based in Berlin, Cairo and London and her current research focusses on the infrastructures of control and practices of transgression in Cairo.

Academic Advisor

Dr. David L. Martin

Lecturer in Visual and International Politics at Goldsmiths, University of London

David is an interdisciplinary scholar with expertise in the fields of politics, art history, postcolonial theory, cultural geography, medical humanities and the history of religion.

He kindly provides Konesh with academic advice. 

Graphic Designer

Mahshad Rezaeian

Mahshad is a graphic and motion graphics designer based in Tehran.  She works across different types of graphic design specialties, with an interest in layout and print design.


Mahshad is the current layout and graphic designer of Konesh print journal (TRACE).

> Past Collaborators

SM Coordinator

Raha Nasirian

Currently student of Visual Arts in Paris VIII University, Raha works across the different mediums of drawing, printing, photography and performance. She is based in Tehran and Paris, and her current research focusses on influence of power structures on the relationship between body and space. 

Raha run our social media since December 2018 until May 2020, she was also the designer of our print collection of SCALE.

Guest Editor

Dr. Orkideh Behrouzan

Orkideh Behrouzan is a medical anthropologist, physician, and anthropologist of science and technology. She is associate professor at the Department of Anthropology at SOAS University of London and the author of Prozak Diaries: Psychiatry and Generational Memory in Iran (2016, Stanford University Press). Orkideh is a poet, author, and the founder of the interdisciplinary Beyond Trauma Initiative. For more about her teaching, research, and creative writing, please click here.

Orkideh was our guest editor on TRACE issue. 

Guest Editor

Louise Rondel

Exploring London’s beauty industry to think through the co-constitutive relationship between bodies and urban spaces, Louise’s interests include multisensory methodologies, the production of space, power geometries, vibrant materialities and the promises of monsters.

Louise was our guest editor on SCALE issue.