K[]NESH /kɒn(ə)ʃ/ :act, activism in Persian


Konesh Space is a migrating platform for critical and creative spatial practices; a transdisciplinary agora in which artists, activists, architects, cultural practitioners, scholars, policy makers and scientists can come together and challenge more traditional understandings of space.


Konesh Space pushes for a transdisciplinary dialogue between a diversity of thinkers and doers. The platform puzzles geographical limits and blurs  boundaries between digital and physical space through online participation. It will constitute a discursive as well as performative space for understanding and intervening in the socio-political production and material conditions of space.


Konesh Space organises site-specific and online events integrating workshops, film screenings, close reading events, walking tours, exhibitions, talks and site-visits in different cities and places accompanied by an online discussion and documentation.


We invite you to participate in events organised in and by Konesh Space and/or to contribute to the discussion and publication on the online platform.

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Saba Zavarei

Stretched between London and Tehran, Saba's work explores the sociopolitical structure of the space in relation to the performances of the everyday life, gender norms, transgressive acts and protest. She works across different mediums of live art, video, text and photo and her work is often participatory, socially engaged and interactive. 

Saba is also the web designer and web developer for Konesh. 


Vanessa Lehmann

Working across the fields of politics, media studies and spatial analysis, Vanessa is interested in blurring boundaries and switching scales between cities, subjects and objects. She is based in Berlin, Cairo and London and her current research focusses on the infrastructures of control and practices of transgression in Cairo.

Raha Nasirian

Currently student of Visual Arts in Paris VIII University, Raha works across the different mediums of drawing, printing, photography and performance. She is based in Tehran and Paris, and her current research focusses on influence of power structures on the relationship between body and space. 

Louise Rondel

Exploring London’s beauty industry to think through the co-constitutive relationship between bodies and urban spaces, Louise’s interests include multisensory methodologies, the production of space, power geometries, vibrant materialities and the promises of monsters.

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