[on the politics of space & cultural interventions]

Traces are the spatial overlapping of different time spans. A trace is a hint from the past, a reference for the present pointing towards what once was there or what remains from another era.

In this issue of Konesh, we go on a search for these traces. In the pieces before you, authors find ways of surfacing hidden and sometimes mysterious stories, uncovering counter-narratives of the past in cities and beyond. Varying in style and approach, they allow for a re-engagement with heritage, story-telling, and archiving through maps, audio tours, videos, personal narratives, performances, and theoretical engagements. We thank our authors for their rich contributions to this issue and invite you to revel in their stories.

Editorial board,

Orkideh Behrouzan, Vanessa Lehmann, Saba Zavarei



Summer 2020