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OPEN CALL: Konesh Journal (online and print)


We publish an Open Call for the Konesh Journal on a specific focus theme every couple of months. When responding to the Open Call, please follow our submission guidelines.



ONGOING SUBMISSIONS: Konesh Blog (online)


We welcome abstracts at any time in response to Konesh’s ongoing themes:


  • Urban transformation and shape-shifting terrains: documenting, tracing and archiving the historicity and ongoing transformation of spaces, landscapes and cities

  • Critical and creative spatial practices: on the role of performances and cultural interventions for intervening in the fabric of cities and sites and their activist potentials and tools.

  • Artistic and design responses to ecological deterioration and environmental stress

  • Feminist, anti-racist and de-colonial responses to urban design and life in cities as well as to the use of planetary resources


Also make sure you follow our submissions guidelines outlined below.


Send your submission to




> Konesh Submission Guidelines

When submitting your work, please follow the submissions guidelines as indicated below. Before any full submission, you need to submit an abstract (see below). We will give you feedback on your abstract within 12 weeks of submission and in case of interest, invite you to send us a full submission.

These guidelines apply both for pieces submitted in response to the Open Call to published in the Konesh Journal as well as an application to publish online on the Konesh Blog.

Submission Guidelines: Abstracts


We are open to new ideas and new forms of contributions; suggestions include academic articles, photo-essays, photography pieces, videos, installation or live art, event documents, exhibition documents, presentation of an opinion piece or poetry.


< 500 words
< 1-minute video
< 5 images


You may submit a mix between these different formats.


Author information:

Please submit together with your abstract, a max. 200-words brief about yourself.


Please submit abstracts to:

Submission Guidelines: Full Submission

File Type

The manuscript is in Word (.doc or .docx) format. Do not submit in Word Perfect format or PDF format. You may submit a PDF only to illustrate the page design, image-text relationship etc.



  • Text: < 2000 words (excl. bibliography)

  • Images: < 15 images, jpeg, > 300dpi,

  • Video/audio: < 5min, mp4




Authors should use the author-date system for citations: (Corker and French, 1999; McDowell, 1999, 96-122; Bell et al., 1994)


Within the text, use “quotation marks” for citing. Use italic for non-English, foreign words or terms and for the purpose of emphasizing (ex. thinking about how we listen rather than why?). Also use italic when including titles of books or other texts.




There is no spelling style preferred. Consistency within the manuscript is expected. It is also expected that your text is submitted fully proof read.




Acknowledgments are to be included at the end of the body of the text, before the list of references.



Footnotes are to be used sparingly and placed at the bottom of the page. Please use footnotes rather than endnotes and use Arabic numerals.



List references alphabetically at the end of the manuscript. For more than one entry with same author(s) and date, use letters to distinguish them, e.g. 1999a, 1999b, 1999c. Arrange entries under a particular author's name chronologically, with the most recent listed first. All authors' names are to be part of the entry.


Bell, David, Jon Binnie, Julia Cream and Gill Valentine. 1994. All hyped up and no place to go. Gender, Place & Culture 1, 31-47.

Corker, Mairian and Sally French (eds). 1999. Disability Discourse. London: Open University Press.

Gibson-Graham, J.K. 1997. Postmodern becomings: From the space of form to the space of potentiality. In, Georges Benko & Ulf Strohmayer (eds.), Space and Social Theory: Interpreting Modernity and Postmodernity. Oxford: Blackwell, pp. 306-23.

Klein, Melanie. 1946/1991. Notes on some schizoid mechanisms. In, Juliet Mitchell (ed.), The Selected Melanie Klein. London: Penguin, pp. 175-200.

McDowell, Linda (ed.) 1999. Gender, Identity & Place. London: Polity Press.



Please note that a submission to Konesh will be taken to imply that it presents original, unpublished work not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Through submission, the author agrees that exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute the piece have been given to the publishers. This does not affect your intellectual property rights.

Selected parts of the original work can be distributed through personal websites, blogs and social media only with reference to the original publication on Konesh

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.

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