K[]NESH SPACE is an independent collective run by passionate and curious individuals. If you like the work that we do, please support us so that we can continue asking questions about the politics of space and how to intervene in it.


You can either support us with a continuous donation every month or send us a one-off donation.



Here is what we will be able to do, when reaching our funding mile stones:


£50 per month

covers the most immediate technical and administrative costs – website domain, cloud server


£100 per month

covers 1 site specific event per year – travel expenses of the performers and contributors, technical equipment rental, location, small compensation for the on-site helpers (photographers, technical assistants)


£300 per month

enables us to produce 2 online publications per year and compensate our contributors with an appropriate fee


£500 per month

enables us to print our 2 publications per year and distribute them widely in art galleries, book fairs, libraries

Please contact us at for further information on how you can support us.

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